Mihail made pictures at our dauter's college graduation.He even managed to take amazing photos of our daughter.We will definately have him in mind for other occasions.


Mihail Kassabov
I love catching the mood in action. I love it when a single thought passes through somebody’s face, and I can capture it and be able to see it in the photograph. I am not afraid to show something that I have done. It is more important to know that the shown is a success of mine, and that I have reached a certain level or a goal. I enjoy learning from the images that are shown, because there are many qualities in them which later on help me in my captured moments. It is not possible to repeat a photograph. The difference is the mood which ‘passes by’ like a lightning. If you capture that ‘lightning’ though, you see and enjoy the fruit of your success. If there is no feeling present while taking the photo, a feeling that transforms into the image, there is no good photo either. A portrait in photography is a lot of patience and experience. I always communicate with my clients, until I capture the best in the image. It is a pleasure to show an image and a good mood, whose existence is hard to imagine for the man in front of the camera; he doesn’t notice them before he sees them on the printed photo. Then I know that my time with this person is not lost and my efforts during the shooting process are worth a while.

With a warm smile to everybody,